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relocating Moving & Relocation in Basel-Baselland basel

Find living accommodation in Basel/area. Links to information on entry, residency and work permits and other useful resources for people moving to/inside Switzerland.

leisure Out and about in Basel & Switzerland basel

Walking, cycling and skating routes, gyms, racket sports, sauna parks, curling, hot-air balooning and other sports and social clubs.

Plus the URO guide to Swiss mountain resorts with info on accommodation, maps and webcam links, etc.
work Work and Network in Basel basel

Info on social/cultural/sports clubs and organisations and links to local discussion forums.

Finding work: employment agencies, job centres, headhunters, specialised job websites in Switzerland and links to information on work permits, training courses and apprenticeships.

relocating What's on in Basel / Switzerland? entertainment
Concerts, theatre, nightlife, cinema, festivals, upcoming events, museums, and other attractions in Basel and Switzerland.

relocating Food & drink in the Basel area basel

Guide to local restaurants and regional food specialities, plus suggestions for group/corporate events.

health Health and well-being : health basel
Emergency numbers, organising your private health cover, understanding the health/insurance systems, listings of health care providers, money-saving tips, local support groups/infrastructure for health and family problems ...

kids Kids, schools and further education:

Babies and Toddlers babies basel
Kindergarten (4-6) and Primary (7 - 12)kindergarten
Secondary school and high school basel
Possibilities for further education in Basel

money Your money: money

What should my salary be? Tax calculators, tax rates, find a tax or investment advisor

useful Daily life: daily life

Recycling and waste disposal in BS/BL, find the best deals on internet/landline/mobiles, weights & measures conversion,classifieds, market days & locations, outlet stores, online price comparison sites for Switzerland...

Find work, a flat, childcare, health insurance, social clubs, local forums, entertainment and much more.

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